होम News CRPF Demands ₹11,348.58 Crores Dues from Jharkhand Government

CRPF Demands ₹11,348.58 Crores Dues from Jharkhand Government


The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has requested the Jharkhand state government to clear pending dues amounting to ₹11,348.58 crores. This substantial sum accrues from the deployment of central forces in anti-Naxal operations and law enforcement activities within the state.

Jharkhand has been a focal point in the fight against Naxalism, with several central forces, including CRPF, Cobra Battalions, and Border Security Forces, actively collaborating with the state police. Approximately 132 companies of officers and soldiers from central forces are presently stationed in the state.

Due to the involvement of these central forces, Jharkhand Police successfully conducted significant anti-Naxal operations. Consequently, Naxal activities have been curtailed to specific regions.

Former Chief Minister Raghuvir Das had previously urged the central government to waive off CRPF’s pending dues in a meeting organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs in May 2017. Despite the payment of ₹1,700 crores during Hemant Soren’s government last year, the CRPF’s demand for ₹11,348.58 crores remains unresolved.

The state police headquarters has been approached for detailed information concerning the appointment of central forces, the types of forces deployed, and previous payments made. This detailed data will facilitate the government in making well-informed decisions regarding the pending dues.

The unresolved financial matter emphasizes the critical nature of anti-Naxal operations and the importance of resolving financial obligations promptly. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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