होम Tourism Sai Temple Amidst Nature’s Beauty in Sarasa Village, Ranchi

Sai Temple Amidst Nature’s Beauty in Sarasa Village, Ranchi


)Sarasa village, Ranchi, spiritual journey, nature’s beauty, devotees, worship, special ceremonies, economic impact, Bedo headquarters, serene landscapes Sarasa village’s serene landscapes provide the backdrop for the Sai Temple, where worshippers gather to offer their devotion year-round. Thursdays and Sundays witness bustling crowds that convene for heartfelt worship. Special ceremonies are held on Guru Purnima, adding to the sanctity and vibrancy of this sacred place.

The roots of the Sai Dham are entwined with the local community’s generosity. It was on April 23rd, 1994, that the locals contributed their land towards the creation of this divine abode. The stone plaque near the main entrance stands testament to the benefactors who selflessly donated their land. Spanning 35 acres, the Sai Dham emanates an aura of tranquility from every corner. The temple grounds house flourishing flower gardens and verdant groves. Swings adorn the surroundings, welcoming children to revel in innocent playfulness.

Sai Temple Amidst Nature's Beauty in Sarasa Village, Ranchi

Upon entering the main temple, the idol of Sai Baba takes center stage, where devotees offer their prayers and seek blessings. The temple premises boast sprawling grassy lawns where visitors can find solace, embraced by nature’s soothing embrace. Beyond the spiritual impact, the temple’s construction has spurred economic growth in Sarasa village. The locals who donated their land are actively involved in the temple’s upkeep. Additionally, several local entrepreneurs have established shops selling puja essentials, contributing to the economic vitality of the region. Around the temple’s vicinity, vendors offer fresh produce, fostering connections between urban visitors and rural residents, catalyzing an atmosphere of mutual growth.

Sai Temple Amidst Nature's Beauty in Sarasa Village, Ranchi

The Sai Temple facilitates night-time stays for devotees, although meals must be arranged individually. However, a nightly feast is prepared within the temple’s sanctum, ensuring sustenance for those who stay. Accommodations for a single room during the night can be arranged for a nominal fee. Located approximately 12 km from the Bedo headquarters in the Ranchi-Gumla main road, Sai Dham is a sanctuary of spirituality. To access this haven, the journey begins from Bedo. After traveling about 12 km into the Jamtoli route, visitors enter Sarasa village. A dedicated entrance welcomes pilgrims into the temple precincts. A simple turn to the left leads directly to the Sai Temple. The journey from Ranchi to Bedo spans roughly 35 km, followed by a 12 km drive to Sai Dham.

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