होम News Animal Ambulance Services Launched in Jharkhand

Animal Ambulance Services Launched in Jharkhand


Transporting injured and sick animals to animal hospitals poses a challenge for people, but now it’s about to get easier. In fact, there’s going to be an ambulance service for animals in the district soon. This initiative stems from an agreement between the Jharkhand State Implementing Agency for Cattle and Buffalo Development, Ranchi, and EMRI Green Health Services.

Under this agreement, a total of 236 animal ambulances will operate across the entire state. Dhanbad is set to receive nine ambulances, akin to how the general public has access to ambulances via the toll-free number 108. Similarly, the government will issue a toll-free number for this purpose, ensuring prompt assistance upon calling. Dr. Alok Sinha, District Livestock Officer, stated that preparations for this initiative have begun within the department.

Each year, an expenditure of 44 crores rupees is expected for animal ambulance services in Jharkhand. The funding will be divided, with 60% coming from the central government and 40% from the state government. The recruitment of trained staff, including drivers, will be managed by the relevant agency, and the recruitment process has already commenced.

Stray animals found on the streets of Dhanbad every day often face challenges in receiving timely care. Volunteer organizations often struggle to transport them to animal hospitals. The availability of ambulances will greatly facilitate this process. Furthermore, arrangements are being made at the hospitals to provide necessary equipment and medication for the treatment of animals.

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