होम News Mandatory Dog Registration in Ranchi Municipal Corporation: Ensure Pet Safety

Mandatory Dog Registration in Ranchi Municipal Corporation: Ensure Pet Safety


Residents in the Ranchi Municipal Corporation area will soon have to register their pets dogs, according to a recent development. We’ll be sending out a notice about this soon. With the help of this programme, the municipal corporation will have a thorough record of all pet owners in the city, which will enable them to respond quickly to any incidents involving dog bites or other harm caused by pets. Residents within Ranchi Municipal Corporation’s jurisdiction are urged to exercise caution. It is now required for dog owners to register their animal companion. Mandatory Dog Registration

Mandatory Dog Registration in Ranchi Municipal Corporation: Ensure Pet Safety

Residents had previously been advised to register their pets by RMC directives, but the response has been sluggish.Dogs that are registered with the municipal corporation will benefit from accurate record-keeping as well as faster response times in the event that any incidents involving pet harm occur. In order to ensure community safety, Dr. Kiran Kumari, the Assistant Public Health Officer of Ranchi Municipal Corporation, stressed the significance of dog registration. She said that people who own dogs as pets need to make sure they register them as soon as possible. There will be comprehensive instructions on how to register in the upcoming notice.

Dr. Kiran further emphasised that the registration will make it possible for the municipal corporation to keep precise records of who owns pets in the city. This will then make it easier to take the appropriate action in the event that any harm caused by registered pets occurs.In order to discuss regulations pertaining to the registration and vaccination of pet dogs, the administration will also interact with the appropriate authorities. Although Prashant Kumar, the former municipal commissioner, formulated the rules, the Municipal Corporation Council did not approve them, which caused a delay in their implementation. Dr Kiran advised people who live in apartments to think about getting smaller dogs, such as Pomeranians, while owners of larger dogs should build a separate shelter on their property. A safer and more comprehensive pet culture in the city will result from the mandatory registration of dogs, so keep an eye out for the official notice from Ranchi Municipal Corporation.

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