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The Unraveling Wheels: Reasons behind the Failure of Chartered Bike Rental Service in Ranchi



In recent years, the concept of bike rental services has gained popularity worldwide, offering a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation. Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand, India, embraced this trend with the introduction of a chartered bike rental service. However, despite initial enthusiasm and promising prospects, the service ultimately met a disappointing end. This article delves into the reasons behind the failure of the chartered bike rental service in Ranchi.

  1. Lack of Proper Infrastructure:

One of the primary reasons for the failure of the bike rental service in Ranchi was the inadequate infrastructure. The city’s roads and streets were not cyclist-friendly, making it challenging for riders to navigate safely. The absence of dedicated cycling lanes and poorly maintained roads led to accidents and discouraged potential users from availing the service regularly.

  1. Limited Coverage Area:

The bike rental service failed to establish a substantial network of docking stations throughout the city. This limited coverage area made it inconvenient for users to find and return bikes, reducing the overall utility of the service. As a result, people often opted for other transportation options that provided better accessibility and coverage.

  1. Safety Concerns:

Ranchi faced numerous safety concerns, including traffic congestion, reckless driving, and a lack of awareness about road rules among riders. With limited emphasis on user safety and no mandatory helmet policy, many potential users were discouraged from using the bike rental service due to the perceived risks.

  1. Operational Challenges:

Running a bike rental service requires seamless operations and maintenance. However, the service in Ranchi struggled with these aspects. Issues like bike theft, frequent breakdowns, and poor maintenance deterred users from relying on the service, as they feared facing difficulties during their ride.

  1. Poor Marketing and Awareness:

Effective marketing and awareness campaigns are essential for any new service to gain traction. The bike rental service in Ranchi failed to adequately promote itself, leading to limited public knowledge about its existence. As a result, potential users were unaware of the benefits and convenience it could offer, hindering its growth.

  1. Competition from Other Transportation Modes:

Ranchi already had established transportation options such as buses, auto-rickshaws, and ride-hailing services. The bike rental service faced stiff competition from these well-established modes, making it challenging to attract a significant user base.

  1. Weather Conditions:

Weather conditions in Ranchi, particularly during the monsoon season, could be harsh, with heavy rainfall and unpredictable weather patterns. Such conditions made biking less appealing to users, further impacting the service’s demand and viability.

  1. Financial Viability:

To sustain and grow, any business venture, including bike rental services, requires a stable financial model. The rental service in Ranchi struggled with revenue generation, high operational costs, and the inability to secure sufficient funding to address these challenges.


The chartered bike rental service in Ranchi faced several hurdles that collectively contributed to its failure. The lack of proper infrastructure, limited coverage area, safety concerns, operational challenges, poor marketing, competition from existing transportation options, adverse weather conditions, and financial viability issues all played a significant role in its downfall. As cities continue to explore sustainable and eco-friendly transportation alternatives, it is crucial for bike rental services to learn from the experience in Ranchi and address these challenges proactively to create successful ventures elsewhere.

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