होम News Jharkhand Schools Started ‘Water Bell’ to Beat Summer Heat

Jharkhand Schools Started ‘Water Bell’ to Beat Summer Heat


As the scorching heat of summer grips Jharkhand, the Education Department is on high alert. They’ve taken a proactive step to safeguard children in government schools from dehydration by implementing a ‘Water Bell’. Imagine the pleasant sound of a bell echoing through the school corridors, signaling not just a break, but a call to refreshment and hydration.

Picture this: kids lining up, eager to quench their thirst as the bell chimes. It’s a simple yet effective measure to ensure that every child gets a chance to drink clean water and stay hydrated in the sweltering heat.

The Secretary of the Department, Umashankar Singh, has issued advisories to all district education officers and district education directors, emphasizing the importance of this initiative. He’s even instructed them to submit reports on the availability of facilities and any issues by six in the evening daily.

Facing this challenge head-on, UNICEF has suggested the implementation of a ‘Water Bell’. This initiative entails ringing a bell at designated times, encouraging children to drink clean water. It’s a small ritual that could make a big difference in keeping kids hydrated throughout the day.

To support this effort, each classroom will be equipped with essentials like a water jug, glasses, and handwashing stations, managed by school authorities. The Secretary has stressed that every child should drink at least one glass of clean water twice a day during school hours.

Additionally, maintaining functioning fans, providing utensils made of clay or other suitable materials, and ensuring the availability of ORS solution through nearby health centers are among the measures recommended.

Furthermore, Singh has suggested incorporating items like lemonade, salt-sugar solution, roasted gram with jaggery, raw mangoes, and sattu sherbet in midday meals to keep children refreshed and hydrated.

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