होम Tourism Sun Temple Ranchi, Jharkhand | Surya Mandir Tourist Guide

Sun Temple Ranchi, Jharkhand | Surya Mandir Tourist Guide

Discover the Enchanting Sun Temple in Ranchi, Jharkhand


Sun Temple Ranchi, Jharkhand | Surya Mandir Tourist Guide

Welcome to the mesmerizing Sun Temple, also known as Surya Mandir, situated near Bundu in the beautiful state of Jharkhand, India. This Hindu temple complex is dedicated to the solar deity, Lord Surya, and stands as a magnificent piece of architecture that attracts tourists and pilgrims alike. Let’s explore this sacred place and learn more about its history, significance, festivals, and other interesting details.

Location and Access:

The Sun Temple is perched atop a hill on NH-43 (Ranchi-Tata Road), approximately 40 km (25 mi) away from the capital city of Jharkhand, Ranchi. The location offers a scenic and picturesque journey for visitors traveling from Ranchi. You can easily reach the temple by road, and it takes around an hour to reach from the city.

Architecture and Design:

Sun Temple Ranchi, Jharkhand | Surya Mandir Tourist Guide

The Sun Temple is an awe-inspiring sight, designed in the form of a grand chariot with elegantly crafted eighteen wheels and seven lifelike horses. This unique architectural design represents Lord Surya riding a chariot, symbolizing the seven days of the week and the seven colors of light. The temple complex also houses several other deities, including Lord Shiva, Parvati, and Ganesha. The surrounding green lawns add to the temple’s allure, providing visitors with a serene and peaceful ambiance.

Significance and History:

Sun Temple Ranchi, Jharkhand | Surya Mandir Tourist Guide

The Sun Temple holds immense religious significance, especially for the Chhathavratis in the Chhota Nagpur Plateau region. The worship of Lord Surya has a rich history in Hinduism, with mentions in ancient texts, arts, and epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. However, in the medieval period, the worship of Surya declined due to the destruction of Sun temples by Muslim invaders.

The construction of the Sun Temple in Ranchi began on 24th October 1991, under the guidance of Sanskriti Vihar Charitable Trust, headed by Shri Sita Ram Maroo, the Managing Director of Ranchi Express Group. Swami Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati laid the foundation stone, and Swami Shri Vamdev Ji Maharaj conducted the Prana Pratishtha on 10th July 1994.

Festivals and Activities:

The Sun Temple comes alive during the Chhat festival, attracting pilgrims from Jharkhand and neighboring states. During this festive time, the temple is beautifully adorned with lights and candles, creating a captivating atmosphere. Devotees gather at the temple and take a holy dip in the adjacent sacred pond before offering prayers to the Sun God. It is believed that this ritual helps purify the soul and wash away sins.

Visiting Information:

  • Entry to the temple is free, and photography is allowed, allowing visitors to capture the temple’s captivating beauty.
  • The temple opens its doors daily from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, providing ample time for devotees and tourists to explore its wonders.
  • A typical visit to the temple usually takes around 30 minutes, but one can spend more time in the tranquil surroundings.
  • The best time to plan a visit to the Sun Temple is between September and May when the weather is pleasant, making it ideal for exploration and enjoying the temple’s serene ambiance.

Additional Details:

Address: Sun Temple, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

Activity: Daily Darshan, Rituals, Festival Celebrations

How to Reach:

The Ranchi railway station is the nearest railway hub to reach the Sun Temple. From there, buses and cars are available for the onward journey. If you prefer air travel, the Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi is the closest airport, providing easy access to the temple.


The Sun Temple in Ranchi is a remarkable destination that blends religious significance, rich history, and mesmerizing architecture. Its unique design, serene surroundings, and cultural importance make it a must-visit attraction in Jharkhand. So, pack your bags, embrace the spiritual aura, and witness the charm of this divine temple. Experience the tranquility and beauty that awaits you at the Sun Temple in Ranchi!

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