होम News State Grants Boost Research for College Teachers

State Grants Boost Research for College Teachers


State Grants five lakhs

Department of Higher and Technical Education has allocated a budget for research grants ranging from three to five lakhs for active teachers in the state’s universities and colleges. Science faculty members can avail assistance up to five lakhs for their research projects, while those in arts, humanities, social sciences, language, literature, law, etc., can receive grants up to three lakhs.

To streamline the application and disbursement process, the Higher and Technical Education Department has formulated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for research grants. The SOPs cover everything from the application process to various stages of grant approval.

Application Process Through College Principals

Teachers interested in availing research grants need to submit their applications through the principal of their respective colleges. The concerned universities will then assess the applications, scrutinize the proposed research topics, and approve the grant amount accordingly. The approved grant will be disbursed in two installments over a two-year period, encompassing both recurring and non-recurring expenses. The recurring expenses include funds for travel, field visits, etc., distributed in three installments.

The first installment, constituting 50% of the total amount, will be released as an advance. Upon expenditure and submission of relevant utility certificates, the second installment of 40% will be disbursed. The remaining 10% will be settled upon the successful completion of the research project. Meanwhile, the non-recurring (equipment, books, journals) grant will be provided in a single installment of 100%.

Why Research Grants for Teachers?

The discontinuation of research grants by the UGC in recent years has led to a decline in research activities within the state. This decline has impacted both the grading system and the NIRF rankings. The National Education Policy 2020 also emphasizes the significance of research, prompting the state to take proactive steps in this direction.

Evaluation Committee to Assess Research

A committee comprising university officials will oversee the evaluation of research projects undertaken by teachers. The universities will conduct assessments, and upon completion, submit the details to the Higher and Technical Education Department. Additionally, universities will publicize information about selected research projects on their official websites before the final approval.

This initiative aims to encourage teachers to actively engage in research, contributing to both their professional development and the overall enhancement of the state’s education sector.

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