होम News CRPF IG Faces Non-Bailable Charges in Jharkhand

CRPF IG Faces Non-Bailable Charges in Jharkhand


Jharkhand, a case has been filed under a non-bailable section against CRPF Inspector General (IG) personnel. The incident is linked to the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) investigation at the Chief Minister’s residence.

Key Points:

  • Case filed against Jharkhand CRPF IG personnel under a non-bailable section.
  • Three separate FIRs registered based on statements from appointed law enforcement officials.
  • Day of ED inquiry at CM residence marked by a roadblock incident.

Ranchi, Jharkhand: On the day of the ED’s inquiry at the Chief Minister’s residence, a roadblock incident has led to the registration of three separate First Information Reports (FIRs) based on the statements of the appointed law enforcement officer. One FIR pertains to CRPF personnel, including their IG, under a non-bailable section.

The other two FIRs involve scores of operatives from Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) and officers from the Bhim Army. It’s important to note that these two FIRs do not include non-bailable sections.

The FIR against CRPF personnel and their officers highlights an alleged attempt to enter the CM’s residence unlawfully. Further investigations will unfold as the case progresses.

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