होम Tourism Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary: Sahebganj

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary: Sahebganj


Udhuwa or Udhwa Lake is situated 11 kms southeast of Rajmahal in the Sahebganj district of Jharkhand state. This Bird Sanctuary is constituted by two waterbodies, namely Pataura (155 ha) and Berhale (410 ha).

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary stands as a natural haven for a diverse array of resident and migratory birds. Notably, it holds the distinction of being the sole bird sanctuary in eastern India. Visitors to this sanctuary are treated to the sight of house swifts, fishing eagles, Brahminy kites, and swifts gracefully navigating the skies at varying speeds. During the winter months, the sanctuary becomes a temporary home to migratory birds from regions such as Siberia and Europe, enhancing the overall avian tapestry.

Location and Features:

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary: Sahebganj

Situated at a brief distance from the revered Ganga river, Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary benefits from a serene atmosphere filled with cool, fresh air. The sanctuary encompasses two significant water bodies: Pataura Jheel spanning 155 hectares and Brahma Jamalpur Jheel (commonly known as Berhale Jheel) covering 410 hectares. The combined area of 5.65 square kilometers was designated as Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary in 1991 by the Government of Bihar. This recognition stems from the exceptional habitat these water bodies provide for a diverse range of resident and migratory avifauna, supporting their survival, nesting, and roosting.

Geographical Coordinates:

  • Latitude: 24° 57′ 51″ N to 25°1’14” N
  • Longitude: 87°47’40”E to 87°49’27”E

Key Points of Interest:

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary: Sahebganj

A. Flora:

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary: Sahebganj
  • The sanctuary’s surroundings feature sparse green cover with scattered trees.
  • The lake hosts algae and small floating higher plants, intriguing botanists.
  • Notably, 42 different forms of algae and 36 species of aquatic macrophytes have been recorded, crucial for the existence of diving ducks.

B. Fauna:

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary: Sahebganj
  • According to the Asian Water Bird Census 2015 by Wetland International, the sanctuary supports 1% of the bio-geographic population of Black-headed ibis, Purple swamp-hen, and Bar-headed goose.
  • Vulnerable bird species such as Wooly-necked stork and Lesser adjutant find refuge here.
  • The latest bird census recorded 2313 birds from 53 different species, showcasing the sanctuary’s rich avian biodiversity.

Embark on a journey to Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary, where the melodies of diverse bird species harmonize with the tranquility of nature, creating an unforgettable experience for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

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