होम Tourism Lodh Falls: Nature’s Beauty in Jharkhand

Lodh Falls: Nature’s Beauty in Jharkhand


Unveiling the Enchantment of Lodh Falls: Where Nature Dances and Legends Whisper

Nestled within the heart of Jharkhand lies a mesmerizing wonder that has captured the imagination of all who venture near. Behold the grandeur of Lodh Fall(also known as Budha Ghagh) , an ethereal cascade that stands as the crown jewel of Jharkhand’s natural beauty. This enchanting waterfall, lovingly referred to as Budha Ghag Fall due to its proximity to the Lord Buddha temple, is a symphony of nature’s most exquisite elements, set against a backdrop that defies the boundaries of reality.

Where is Lodh Fall located? Lodh Fall is located in the Latehar district of Palamau division in the state of Jharkhand. Latehar is known for its adventure tourism. Latehar has a huge deposit of minerals and is also rich in forest resources.

A Mystical Retreat in Nature’s Embrace

Imagine a sight that transports you into the realms of dreams, where azure hills kiss the heavens and lush emerald forests form a lush tapestry around the cascading waters. Lodh Fall, the tallest waterfall in Jharkhand and the 21st highest in all of India, is a masterpiece of nature’s artistry. What sets it apart is its unique character—multiple streams tumble gracefully from the hills’ embrace, creating an orchestra of mesmerizing echoes that reverberate across a distance of over 10 kilometers.

The allure of Lodh Fall extends back through time, even capturing the hearts of British officials who frequented this natural haven for moments of tranquil rejuvenation.

Lodh Falls: Nature's Beauty in Jharkhand

A Riddle Wrapped in Water

Mysteries thrive in the shadows of this enchanting realm. With its depths shrouded in secrecy, Lodh Fall hides its true measure beneath its veils of cascading water. Numerous endeavors have been launched to fathom its depth, yet none have triumphed. Legends recount villagers’ attempts to unveil its secrets by attaching massive boulders to ropes, only to see them vanish into the abyss without a trace.

A Symphony of Heights

Stand in awe as water plummets from a staggering height of 469 feet, a spectacle that transcends the ordinary and embraces the sublime. The fall finds its origin in the Burha River, a tributary of the North Koel River, infusing each drop with the purity of the untouched wilderness.

Nature’s Seasons and Whims

Lodh Fall and its verdant surroundings dance to the rhythm of nature’s seasons. Feel the embrace of tropical warmth from March to June, where temperatures flirt with the edge of 49 degrees Celsius. Rain paints the land in shades of life from July to September, while winter’s tender touch graces the region from November to February, with temperatures dipping as low as 10 degrees Celsius.

Lodh Falls: Nature's Beauty in Jharkhand

Unveiling the Portal to Paradise

When should you embark on this journey to marvel at nature’s grandeur? Venture forth in August, during the monsoons, when the water’s embrace is at its fullest. Yet, if you seek a serene winter’s picnic, December to February shall unveil a tranquil Lodh Fall.

A Realm Open, Awaits Your Arrival

Entry to Lodh Fall is bestowed without cost. And time holds no dominion here; it stands accessible throughout the hours of day. Beware the veils of dusk, for the fall’s enchantment is woven within an isolated realm.

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