होम News RIMS Introduces MHA Course In This Year

RIMS Introduces MHA Course In This Year


This year, the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) will begin a two-year Master of Hospital Administration (MHA) course. On Monday, the deans of Ranchi University and RIMS, along with Dr. Vidhyapati, inspected the student section. They discussed the preparations for starting the course and gathered information about its structure. Dr. Shailesh Tripathi, the head of the department for the course, provided the inspection team with all the necessary details. After the inspection, the team met with Director Dr. Rajkumar, who gave verbal approval to start the course.

Course Details

Dr. Shailesh mentioned that the course will span four semesters, with a fee of ₹25,000 per semester. The course will be open to MBBS, BDS, AYUSH graduates, Bachelor of Hospital Administration, and Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration students. Completing this course could lead to appointments as administrators in government or corporate hospitals.

What is a Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)

RIMS Introduces MHA Course In This Year

A Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) degree helps students and professionals move up in their careers and take charge in healthcare organizations. These leaders plan, oversee, and organize services in various healthcare settings. MHA graduates also find opportunities in consulting, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and insurance companies.

They might run a whole facility or a specific part of it. They need to stay updated and help their organization adjust to changes in healthcare laws, rules, and technology.

In summary, an MHA helps graduates:

  • Understand healthcare delivery and financing institutions deeply.
  • Build skills in solving problems, thinking strategically, and being innovative.
  • Become strong leaders.

Master of Healthcare Administration Focus:

  • Mastering leadership and management tools to run the business side of healthcare organizations and manage teams of healthcare professionals

Topics Covered:

Types of Jobs:

  • Director of hospital operations
  • Clinic manager
  • Director of patient safety
  • Director of business development
  • Chief nursing officer
  • Chief executive officer

Benefits of Getting an MHA: Earning an MHA can lead to higher-paying jobs with more leadership responsibilities. Many healthcare organizations ask for a master’s degree for certain jobs. Considering the good pay in these leadership roles, getting an MHA is a smart investment of time and money.

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