होम News Ranchi to Ayodhya Astha Special Train for Devotee Convenience

Ranchi to Ayodhya Astha Special Train for Devotee Convenience


In a bid to facilitate the journey of devotees from Jharkhand to witness the divine presence of Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya, the Indian Railways is set to operate a special train named “Astha Special” from Ranchi to Ayodhya. The official announcement regarding the route and schedule of this train is expected soon, as shared by Arun Joshi, a member of the South-Eastern Railway’s Consumer Advisory Committee.

Benefits for Devotees in Jharkhand

Arun Joshi highlighted that the demand for the train was raised during a meeting of the Ranchi Mandal Rail Consumer Advisory Committee (DRUCC). He expressed that this initiative would provide an opportunity for lakhs of devotees in Jharkhand to visit the sacred city of Ayodhya and witness the grand inauguration of the Ram Mandir and the consecration ceremony of Ram Lalla.

Simplifying the Pilgrimage

Previously, pilgrims from Jharkhand had to travel to Delhi, Lucknow, or Varanasi by train or bus before reaching Ayodhya. This often led to inconvenience and added hassles for the travelers. With the introduction of the Astha Special train, the journey will be more straightforward, offering a direct route from Ranchi to Ayodhya.

Special Trains from Tata Nagar and Ranchi

Additionally, special trains will also operate from Tata Nagar and Ranchi for those wishing to visit Ayodhya. The Tata Nagar station will see the departure of the Astha Special train on January 29 and February 19. Simultaneously, the train will commence its journey from Darshannagar on January 31 and February 21.

The Astha Special train from Tata Nagar will depart at 11:50 AM, while the train from Darshannagar will start at 8:00 AM. During the down journey, the train will make stops at Chakradharpur, Purulia, Koderma, Gomoh, Bokaro, and Mughalsarai stations.

This initiative is aimed at providing a more convenient and direct travel option for devotees in Jharkhand, ensuring a smoother pilgrimage experience to the holy city of Ayodhya.

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