होम News Ranchi Municipal Corporation’s Advanced Waste Collection Plan

Ranchi Municipal Corporation’s Advanced Waste Collection Plan


Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) has devised a comprehensive plan. The initiative focuses on the regular collection of wet and dry garbage from the city, aiming for increased cleanliness and environmental sustainability.

City Division into Four Zones

To optimize waste collection efforts, the RMC has strategically divided the city into four distinct zones. This zoning approach allows for a more systematic and organized garbage collection process.

Dedicated Vehicles for Wet and Dry Garbage

Each designated zone will be served by separate vehicles dedicated to collecting wet and dry garbage. This segregation not only ensures the proper handling of different types of waste but also contributes to more effective waste disposal methods.

Waste Disposal at Specialized Facilities

The collected wet garbage is set to be transported to the compost plant located at Jhiri. This facility will facilitate the transformation of organic waste into compost, promoting sustainable practices.

Simultaneously, the dry garbage will be transported to the designated landfill site situated at Harmu. This strategic separation of waste types enables the adoption of specialized disposal methods tailored to the nature of the garbage.

Integration of GPS Devices for Monitoring

In a bid to enhance operational efficiency, the RMC has decided to equip the waste collection vehicles with GPS devices. This technological integration aims to monitor the movement of vehicles in real-time, ensuring timely and systematic garbage collection across the city.

This innovative approach by the Ranchi Municipal Corporation reflects a commitment to modernizing waste management practices, promoting a cleaner environment, and contributing to the overall well-being of the city and its residents.

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