होम News Ranchi: RIMS to Start Declaring Brain Death, Facilitating Organ Donation.

Ranchi: RIMS to Start Declaring Brain Death, Facilitating Organ Donation.


RIMS Ranchi will be able to declare brain death

Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) Ranchi, a premier medical college and hospital in Jharkhand, will soon be able to declare brain death and facilitate organ donation. Brain death is a condition where the brain stops functioning irreversibly, but the heart and lungs can be kept alive artificially for a short period of time. This allows the possibility of harvesting vital organs such as kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, etc. from the brain-dead person and transplanting them to patients who need them.

According to Dr. Vikas Kumar, senior resident of neurosurgery department at RIMS, brain death is the second major cause of death in India after cardiac arrest. He said that brain death can occur due to various reasons such as stroke, head injury, brain tumor, infection, etc. He said that it is important to diagnose brain death as early as possible and inform the family members about the option of organ donation.

Dr. Kumar said that RIMS has applied for the license to declare brain death from the state health department and is awaiting approval. He said that RIMS has all the necessary facilities and expertise to conduct the tests and procedures required for declaring brain death. He said that RIMS will also have a committee of experts from various departments such as neurology, neurosurgery, medicine, anesthesia, etc. to confirm the diagnosis of brain death.

He said that once RIMS gets the license, it will be able to join the national network of organ donation and transplantation. He said that this will benefit many patients who are suffering from end-stage organ failure and are waiting for a suitable donor. He said that organ donation is a noble act that can save many lives and urged people to come forward and pledge their organs.

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