होम News Ranchi Railway Station Transformation Airport-Like Makeover by 2025

Ranchi Railway Station Transformation Airport-Like Makeover by 2025


Ranchi Railway Station Set for Airport-Like Transformation with a Budget of 447 Crores

Ranchi: The ambitious redevelopment of Ranchi Railway Station is in full swing, with a whopping budget of 447 crores allocated for the transformation. The project aims to give Ranchi Railway Station an airport-like makeover, and the goal is to complete the work by June 2025.

A Significant Budget Allocation: Out of the total budget of 447 crores, a substantial sum of 330 crores is earmarked solely for the development of the railway station. The remaining funds will be utilized for the station’s furniture and interior.

Progress So Far: As of now, approximately 10% of the redevelopment work for Ranchi Railway Station has been completed. A noteworthy feature of the new railway station will be its use of solar energy, with 30% of its power consumption derived from solar sources.

Completion Target: Member of Parliament Sanjay Seth recently inspected the ongoing work at the railway station. He emphasized the importance of completing the project by March to ensure the timely development of the North Area. The overall development plan for Ranchi Railway Station encompasses the enhancement of the premises, including the installation of a statue of Bhagwan Birsa Munda and the beautification of the adjacent lake.

Division of Development: The comprehensive redevelopment of the railway station is divided into the North and South regions.

Bridge Construction near Chutia Power House: In addition to station redevelopment, instructions have been issued for the completion of bridge construction over the railway overbridge near Chutia Power House.

Collaboration with Entrepreneurs and Transporters: Sanjay Seth suggested collaboration with entrepreneurs and transporters to provide additional facilities to the general public.

Modern Amenities on the Horizon: The new Ranchi Railway Station, designed to accommodate approximately 12,000 people, is envisioned to provide modern amenities akin to an airport. The old building will be demolished as part of the redevelopment.

Notable Features of the New Station:

  • The two-story station will house a plaza area, a drop-off pickup center, commercial spaces, and retiring rooms for 2,500 people on both sides.
  • There will be 3,000 square feet of commercial space.
  • The station will have 17 lifts and 19 escalators.
  • Access to the station will be restricted similar to metro stations, allowing entry only to passengers with valid tickets. All tickets will have barcodes for quick and efficient access.

The transformation of Ranchi Railway Station promises to provide travelers with modern, efficient, and eco-friendly facilities, aligning it with the standards of major airports. With a keen focus on renewable energy, this project is set to redefine the travel experience in Ranchi.

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