होम News NIA Arrests PLFI Vinod Munda

NIA Arrests PLFI Vinod Munda


National Investigation Agency (NIA) in the state has arrested Vinod Munda alias Sukkhwa, associated with the extremist organization People’s Liberation Front of India (PLFI). He is an active member of PLFI’s armed squad and is wanted in four cases registered at various police stations in Jharkhand.

NIA seized suspicious documents related to PLFI, two walkie-talkies, five mobile phones, SIM cards, and ₹11,000 in cash based on his intelligence.

In coordination with local police, NIA conducted raids on Wednesday at two locations in Jharkhand and two in Assam, leading to the arrest of Vinod Munda. They seized documents and cash from coal traders and transporters during these raids.

NIA investigation revealed that the PLFI extremist organization is extorting coal traders, transporters, railway contractors, businessmen, etc., to strengthen the organization through levy collection.

These extremists are targeting businessmen and traders from Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha for extortion. The investigation into the entire matter is ongoing.

Following the arrest of PLFI supremo Dinesh Gope, efforts are being made to strengthen and expand the organization once again. Martin Kerketta and other members are working towards expanding and strengthening PLFI.

In connection with this information, NIA had filed a case under the UAPA last year on October 11, 2023. In the course of this investigation, two other accused were previously arrested, and evidence including cash, weapons, and cartridges was recovered from them.

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