होम Health Autumn Health Tips: Stay Fit and Energized during Sharad Ritu

Autumn Health Tips: Stay Fit and Energized during Sharad Ritu


Important Health Tips for the Autumn Season”{Autumn Health Tips}

(1) Autumn: The Mother of Diseases:

Autumn is considered the mother of diseases. It’s during this season that the accumulated pitta (bodily heat) from the monsoon season aggravates. To counter this, the Chandani (moonlight) of Sharad Purnima is utilized to balance pitta.

In this season, consuming Kheer (a rice pudding) is recommended. Kheer is often referred to as ‘Rasraj’ among foods. When Sita Mata was held captive in Ashoka Vatika, and there were concerns about what food to eat, Lord Indra sent Kheer for her, and she consumed it.

(2) Healthy Food Choices:

Autumn Health Tips: Stay Fit and Energized during Sharad Ritu

During autumn, foods like milk, ghee (clarified butter), rice, bottle gourd, ash gourd, grapes, raisins, and seasonal fruits support your health. also helps pacify pitta. Drinking a glass of sweet milk at night (at least an hour before sleeping) is beneficial. Consuming 7-8 glasses of water during the day is also good for your health.

(3) Avoiding Spicy and Heavy Foods:

Autumn Health Tips: Stay Fit and Energized during Sharad Ritu

It’s wise to avoid sour, salty, spicy, and heavy foods during this season. Deep-fried items, pickles, late-night meals, or stale food can be detrimental to health because Sharad Ritu is considered the mother of diseases. If you have any minor health issues, they are likely to aggravate during this season. Therefore, it’s better to address them promptly.

(4) Bitter Juices for Health:

Autumn Health Tips: Stay Fit and Energized during Sharad Ritu

Bitter juices are highly beneficial during this season. Sometimes, chew on a bitter gourd or chew on 10-12 neem leaves. Although bitter juices may not taste pleasant, they stimulate hunger and aid digestion.

(5) Improving Digestion with a Mantra:

Chant the mantra below while rubbing your stomach gently. It helps improve digestion.

“Agasthyaṁ kuṁbhakarṇaṁ cha śanimaṁ cha vaḍavānalam। Āhāraparipākārthaṁ smared bhīmaṁ cha pañchamam॥”

(6) Moderate Meals:

Avoid frequent snacking throughout the day; instead, have two substantial and satvik (pure) meals. Eat your meals peacefully and joyfully. Turn your meals into prasad (offering) by looking at it with a divine perspective and chanting the name of the Lord.

(7) Balancing Diet After 50:

After the age of 50, one’s health is more delicate, and the body’s defense mechanisms are weakened. At this time, reduce salt, sugar, and fats in your diet. Overeating, even a little extra, can be harmful to your health.

(8) Eye and Head Care:

Some may experience eye irritation, redness, or headaches. In such cases, rinse your eyes with water by filling a silver vessel or any available container with water and submerging your eyes in it. Repeat this process several times. This will relieve eye irritation and headaches, and improve your eyesight.

(9) Embrace Early Mornings:

To maintain good health and experience spiritual bliss, don’t forget to wake up before sunrise. Morning is the time to enjoy the refreshing breeze and take in prana (vital life force). The atmosphere during this time has a calming effect and positively influences your mental state. In scientific terms, the ozone content is higher, and there’s an abundance of negative ions in the environment during this time. These factors contribute to good health. The morning air even imparts a sense of serenity to the sick.

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