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Jharkhand’s Historical References in the Mahabharata


Ancient Jharkhand: Unveiling the Land’s Enigmatic Past

Welcome to the captivating realm of ancient Jharkhand, a land steeped in history and shrouded in mystery. This region has been inhabited since the Mesolithic-Chalcolithic period, a fact evidenced by numerous cave paintings and stone tools dating back thousands of years. In the epic Mahabharata, Jharkhand was referred to as Kark Khand due to its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer. During the age of Mahajanpadas around 500 BCE, it formed a part of the Magadha and Anga kingdoms.

During the Mauryan period, the region was under the dominion of various states collectively known as the Atavika (forest) states. However, their autonomy was relinquished, and they were compelled to accept the hegemony of the Maurya empire during Ashoka’s reign around 232 BCE. Fascinating discoveries at the ancient site of Saridkel, including burnt brick houses, red ware pottery, copper tools, coins, and iron tools from the early centuries CE, give us insights into the region’s historical past. Additionally, Brahmi inscriptions discovered in the Khunti district date back to the 3rd century BCE.

Jharkhand's Historical References in the Mahabharata

The influence of great empires continued as the Gupta, Kesari, and Pala dynasties, among others, ruled over Jharkhand throughout history. The Chero dynasty, which came into power in the 13th century, also left its mark on this land.

Jharkhand today stands as a vibrant state, its culture and history still echoing through the ages. Visitors to the region can embark on a mesmerizing journey, exploring ancient temples, formidable forts, and enriching museums. For nature enthusiasts, the hills and forests offer perfect hiking opportunities, and the wildlife sanctuaries beckon with their untamed beauty.

Jharkhand's Historical References in the Mahabharata

Beyond the known historical facts, there are some fascinating additional tidbits about ancient Jharkhand:

  1. The region was home to the Copper Hoard Culture, a prehistoric culture that thrived in the Chota Nagpur plateau region during the 2nd millennium BCE.
  2. The Iron Age culture began to take shape in Jharkhand around 1400 BCE, further shaping its historical trajectory.
  3. Throughout ancient times, various powerful empires like the Nanda, Maurya, Gupta, Kesari, and Pala left their imprints on this land, shaping its diverse cultural heritage.
  4. Jharkhand was also graced by the presence of influential religious figures, including the Buddha and Mahavira.

Jharkhand, with its long and storied past, is an irresistible destination for history and culture enthusiasts. Whether you are intrigued by cave paintings, ancient relics, or simply the allure of an enigmatic past, a visit to Jharkhand promises an enriching and unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the mysteries of this ancient land and witness history come alive before your eyes.

Jharkhand's Historical References in the Mahabharata
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