होम News Hemant Soren Introduces Credit Cards for 11th Graders

Hemant Soren Introduces Credit Cards for 11th Graders


In a groundbreaking initiative by Chief Minister Hemant Soren, the picturesque village of Bodhibagi in Hazaribagh district witnessed the launch of various schemes under the ‘Your Government, Your Way’ program on Monday. Amidst the distribution of assets to beneficiaries, the Chief Minister not only informed the public about ongoing state initiatives but also sprinkled a bit of humor at the expense of previous administrations.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren, embracing the ‘Your Government, Your Way’ initiative, addressed the gathering in Ichak, Hazaribagh. On the occasion, he pledged that the state government would boost electricity production for Jharkhand, working diligently to eliminate dependence on external sources.

Adding a touch of innovation to education, Hemant Soren announced the issuance of credit cards for 11th-grade students, enabling them to pursue their studies by taking educational loans. The twist? Repayment is on hold until these students find their footing in the real world. The Chief Minister playfully took a swipe at the previous heads of both the central and state governments during his address.

He remarked, ‘In the era of a double engine government, only one engine was functioning. The captain (referring to the previous government head) was not up to the mark. Plans were formulated while comfortably seated in air-conditioned rooms. Our government not only conceptualizes plans but also implements them on the ground, reaching the grassroots.’

With this announcement, the Hemant Soren government aims to provide financial assistance to aspiring students while injecting a sense of responsibility and accountability. The credit card initiative is poised to be a game-changer, transforming the way education is financed in the state and encouraging students to stand tall before settling their dues

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