होम News Affordable Driving Licenses: Reduced Fees for Learning and Permanent Licenses

Affordable Driving Licenses: Reduced Fees for Learning and Permanent Licenses


Affordable Driving Licenses

Great news for those looking to get their driving license! Learning and permanent driving license fees have been reduced, bringing the total cost down to just ₹1593 instead of the previous ₹2193. This marks a significant ₹600 decrease, making the process more affordable for everyone.

Now, obtaining your driving license for light motor vehicles and motorcycles is more budget-friendly. District Transport Officer Rajesh Kumar Singh confirmed the new fees, providing relief to license applicants. This reduction comes after an increase in related charges in August 2021. To apply for a driving license, applicants need to submit documents such as Aadhar card, birth certificate, blood group information, local address, and signature. Following document submission, the reduced fees must be paid.

Here’s how the process works: applicants need to book a slot for learning license, take an online test on traffic rules, and upon passing, the license will be issued.

For motorcycle and light motor vehicle permanent licenses, applicants will undergo a practical test involving drawing a ‘T’ line for smaller vehicles. Success in the test results in the issuance of the permanent license. The fees for learning and permanent licenses have been revised as follows:

Previous FeesRevised Fees
Learning Fee₹700₹500
Learning Charge₹37₹37
Permanent License:
Permanent Fee₹1400₹1000
Smart Charge₹56₹56

These reductions in fees make the entire process more accessible and affordable for aspiring drivers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to obtain your driving license with ease!

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