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Topchanchi Lake


Topchanchi Lake stands as a testament to the richness of natural beauty, earning it the title of the “Heaven on Earth” in the district. Visitors from far and wide are drawn to the enchanting lake, especially during the New Year, when the numbers swell significantly.

Every day, a multitude of tourists, numbering in the hundreds, make their way to the lake from various districts of Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand. The allure of the lake is not only appreciated by tourists but also by Siberian migratory birds, who have made the lake their home even before the onset of the season. Witnessing the Siberian birds frolicking in the lake brings joy to the onlookers.

Topchanchi Lake holds a unique identity among tourist destinations, renowned for its scenic beauty nestled amidst picturesque hills. The natural panorama of the lake, surrounded by rolling hills, has gained nationwide fame. Tourists have been captivated by its natural beauty for years, and during the New Year, the lake attracts an even larger crowd. To ensure the safety of visitors, the administration has implemented stringent security measures, deploying numerous police personnel.

Topchanchi Lake

The lake’s natural beauty has not only captured the hearts of tourists but has also served as a backdrop for several film directors. Renowned actors like Dharmendra, Rajshree, and Mahmood filmed scenes for the Hindi movie “Mohabbat Ek Zindagi Hai” in 1966. The lake has also been a shooting location for multiple Bengali films, featuring the superstar Uttam Kumar.

Local artists from Jharkhand regularly conduct shoots for Khortha and Nagpuri songs around the lake, adding a cultural touch to its scenic surroundings.

Topchanchi Lake

Lake’s History: Established on November 15, 1924, under the supervision of Bihar and Odisha Governor Sir Henry Wheeler, the lake aimed to provide water supply to the Koylanchal region. Under the Topchanchi Lake beautification project in 2007, facilities for boat rides were introduced for tourists. However, due to maintenance issues, the service was discontinued after a few years.

What’s Special This Year: As part of the beautification project, a substantial investment has been made to create a leisure area with pavilions and blocks in the lychee orchard. Visitors can now enjoy picnics in this newly developed space.

A toilet block constructed a year ago, intended to enhance visitor facilities, currently hangs locked due to a faulty lock. Despite its completion, the restroom remains inaccessible to tourists.

How to Reach: Topchanchi Lake is conveniently located along the National Highway, merely 35 kilometers from Dhanbad. For those traveling by road from Dhanbad, the journey to the lake is comfortable. Alternatively, tourists arriving by train must disembark at Gomoh Station. From there, a short eight-kilometer journey by tempo takes them to their destination.

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