होम News Gumla District Emerges as Sports Hub with New Synthetic Hockey Field

Gumla District Emerges as Sports Hub with New Synthetic Hockey Field


Gumla district, known for its tribal and underprivileged areas, is gaining recognition as a sports city statewide. Athletes in Gumla are excelling in various sports including hockey, football, athletics, cricket, badminton, kho-kho, kabaddi, volleyball, and wrestling. Notably, they are also raising the national and international flags in these competitions.

The district, which is gaining fame as a sports city in the state, is fully supported by the government and district administration to maintain this reputation. To boost the popularity of national sport hockey, the government has initiated the construction of a synthetic hockey field in the Swami Vivekananda Sports Complex on Lohardaga Road in Chandali, with a budget of 24 crores.

Work to Commence in March

This modern field will be equipped with high-tech facilities, allowing players to engage in hockey even at night. Excellent lighting arrangements will be in place for day-night matches. It’s worth noting that the proposal for this allocation was sent by the Department of Tourism, Art, Culture, Sports, and Youth to the government, which has been approved. It is likely that work will begin as early as March this year under the “Khelo India” scheme.

Hockey Interest on the Rise

District Sports Officer Manoj Kumar highlighted that Gumla is recognized as a sports city, yet the popularity of national sport hockey has been gradually declining. To address this, the “Khelo India” scheme by the central and state governments will soon kick off the construction of the synthetic hockey field, aiming to spark increased interest in hockey among the district’s players.

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