होम News Government Approves Revitalization of 19 Roads in Poriyahat Constituency

Government Approves Revitalization of 19 Roads in Poriyahat Constituency


In a recent announcement, Congress legislator Pradeep Yadav shared ground breaking news regarding the approval for the refurbishment of 19 deteriorating roads within the Poriyahat constituency. This significant development comes under the Chief Minister’s Rural Road Strengthening Scheme, administered by the Rural Works Department.

The government has allocated an estimated budget of approximately 24 crore rupees for the comprehensive revitalization of these roads, spanning a combined length of around 48 kilometers. Pradeep Yadav, who represents the constituency, highlighted the persistent complaints from rural residents regarding the challenging conditions of these roads.

Responding to the concerns raised by the local community, Pradeep took decisive action by submitting a detailed list of issues to the government. Following thorough consideration, the government granted approval for the strengthening of these 19 roads, acknowledging the need for urgent intervention to improve the region’s infrastructure.

This initiative is expected to not only address the travel challenges posed by the worn-out roads but also contribute significantly to the overall enhancement of the Poriyahat constituency’s infrastructure. The allocated budget reflects the government’s commitment to meeting the pressing needs of the community and fostering development in the region. Stay tuned for further updates on this transformative project.

Road StretchDistance (in km)Approved Budget (in lakh rupees)
Maathakesho Mod to Maathakesho1.90089.519
Jamua Mod to Jamua Gaon1.400120.921
Mudiyar Mod to Chorajor1.88526.635
Sariya Hat to Pandekesho2.00087.478
Jaynagar P.W.D. Road to Bhangabandh Bhaya Hazar5.100200.768
Baridih Mod to Hathgad2.800194.750
Chunakothi to Bardehi3.600183.192
Banaheti to Maheshmara3.659174.786
Jhilwa Bhelbadi to Budhi Jhilwa2.234105.032
Mandaldeeh to Tetariya1.11952.843
Mandaldeeh to Bengali Deeh2.200100.814
Kothia Chandubathan Road to Barmania1.02355.564
Chorajor Road to Kharna3.059185.098
Titmoh to Sangrampur Tongi1.41267.187
Kadia to Govindpur3.364158.789
Chandubathan to Chatna1.73494.167
Jamunia Mod to Salya1.43779.754
Bhatudia to Badhait4.959283.656
Haripur to Kumarchak3.045142.470
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