होम News Chief Minister Hemant Soren Inaugurates Longest Bridge

Chief Minister Hemant Soren Inaugurates Longest Bridge


According to an official statement, Chief Minister Hemant Soren is set to inaugurate Jharkhand’s longest bridge over the Mayurakshi River in the Makrampur , Dumka district this Monday, marking a significant step towards improved connectivity.

Built at an estimated cost of Rs 200 crores, this 2.3-kilometer marvel has the potential to completely transform the accessibility of the area. With the bridge, the 30-kilometer route will be cut in half, to just 15 kilometres, from Makrampur to the district headquarters.

The location of the inauguration programme was thoroughly inspected by Dumka Deputy Commissioner Anjaneyulu Dodde. He carefully went over the plans to make sure everyone had a great time. The helipad, parking lots, and seating arrangements were among the crucial areas inspected.

Chief Minister Soren will unveil the bridge along with a number of other important projects and set the groundwork for future initiatives, making today historic for Dumka and a major advancement for Jharkhand’s infrastructure.

Watch live coverage of the historic inauguration ceremony to witness Jharkhand’s dedication to increased accessibility and local development.

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