होम News Revolutionizing Railways: Ranchi’s Modernization with DETC

Revolutionizing Railways: Ranchi’s Modernization with DETC


The Ranchi Railway Board has finally received a diesel-electric tower car (DETC) after 58 years of waiting. The overhead electric lines that supply trains with power are inspected and repaired by this specialised truck. Reaching the scene of an event quickly and effectively is possible thanks to the DETC’s 100 km/h operating speed. It can also carry personnel, tools, and other supplies needed for maintenance jobs.Revolutionizing Railways

Shashi Kant Singh, the Ranchi Divisional Railway Manager (DRM), formally opened the DETC on Friday. The safety and effectiveness of railway operations in the area will be much improved, Singh underlined. The DETC has several noteworthy characteristics, including a contemporary layout and utilities like air conditioning, fire extinguishers, CCTV cameras, and GPS.
The Ranchi Railway Board has been requesting a DETC since 1963, when railway line electrification first started. But up until now, this need hasn’t been satisfied for a variety of reasons. A diesel locomotive, which is infamous for being slow, noisy, and harmful to the environment, was the previous vehicle used for inspection and maintenance. The old locomotive will be replaced by the new DETC, which should result in better service for railway users.

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