होम News Jharkhand Fuel Price Report: District-wise Petrol and Diesel Rates Revealed

Jharkhand Fuel Price Report: District-wise Petrol and Diesel Rates Revealed


July 14, 2023 – The residents of Jharkhand are grappling with the persistent inflation as prices of essential commodities continue to rise. Fuel prices are no exception and have been soaring high, burdening the people further. Since June 2017, petrol and diesel prices in Jharkhand are revised daily at 6 am. Today, the updated prices of petrol and diesel have been released, revealing the fluctuations in different districts of the state.

As per the latest data, the average price of petrol in Jharkhand stands at Rs 100.65 per litre, while diesel is priced at Rs 95.45 per litre on average. However, the prices vary across districts due to factors such as taxes, transportation costs, and local demand.

DistrictPetrol Price (per litre)Diesel Price (per litre)
BokaroRs 99.99Rs 95.00
ChatraRs 101.22Rs 96.26
DeogharRs 99.57Rs 94.35
DhanbadRs 99.91Rs 94.81
DumkaRs 100.53Rs 94.92
East SinghbhumRs 100.02Rs 95.08
GarhwaRs 102.30Rs 97.09
GiridihRs 100.61Rs 95.40
GoddaRs 100.53Rs 95.30
GumlaRs 100.85Rs 95.09
HazaribaghRs 100.40Rs 95.30
JamtaraRs 100.41Rs 95.10
KhuntiRs 99.91Rs 94.72
KodermaRs 100.61Rs 95.42
LateharRs 101.87Rs 95.68
LohardagaRs 100.72Rs 95.53
PakurRs 101.00Rs 95.97
PalamuRs 102.10Rs 96.57
RamgarhRs 100.38Rs 95.20
RanchiRs 99.84Rs 94.65
SahibganjRs 101.19Rs 95.96
Seraikela KharsawanRs 99.78Rs 94.58
SimdegaRs 100.81Rs 95.62
West SinghbhumRs 101.13Rs 95.92
In the month of July, petrol prices in Jharkhand have witnessed fluctuations ranging from Rs 99.84 to Rs 102.48 per litre, while diesel prices have ranged from Rs 94.32 to Rs 97.54 per litre.
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