होम News Beyond Bharat Bandh: Exploring the Sarna Dharma Code Movement

Beyond Bharat Bandh: Exploring the Sarna Dharma Code Movement


Beyond Bharat Bandh

In a bold move, the Adivasi Sengel Abhiyan, a tribal rights group, orchestrated a Bharat Bandh 30 December , a nationwide strike, demanding the long-awaited implementation of the Sarna Dharma Code. This historic event aimed at securing a separate religious identity for the indigenous people of India sent shockwaves across the nation.

Jharkhand, home to a significant tribal population, became the epicenter of this movement, where the strike effectively disrupted normal life. Roads were blocked, railways were halted, and impassioned demonstrations unfolded in various locations, showcasing the depth of the Adivasi community’s commitment to their cause.

Leaders of the movement, quoted in the article, affirmed their unwavering resolve, declaring that their struggle would persist until the government accedes to their demand. The article captures the essence of their determination, providing insights into the motives and aspirations that drive this significant demand for the recognition of the Sarna Dharma Code.

The longstanding issue of the Sarna Dharma Code has been a poignant concern for tribal communities who yearn to be acknowledged as a distinct religious group, separate from the umbrella of Hinduism or Christianity. This article sheds light on the roots of this demand, exploring the cultural and historical nuances that make it a vital cause for the indigenous people of India. As the Adivasi community unites in its quest for recognition, the article delves into the unfolding narrative of a movement that seeks to carve its place in the diverse tapestry of India’s religious identity.

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