होम Tourism Rankini Mandir: Unveiling Ancient Mysteries and Spiritual Wonders

Rankini Mandir: Unveiling Ancient Mysteries and Spiritual Wonders


Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Rohinibera village in Jharkhand, the Rankini Mandir, also known as Kapadgadi Ghat Rankini Mandir, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.The Rankini Temple is located in Rohinibera village, Potka block. Tourists visiting Ghatshila should surely stop by this shrine, which is hidden among the lush woodlands.

Historical Significance

Rankini Mandir dates back to 1947-50 when it was established with devotion and dedication. Legend has it that the stone idol within the temple is a living embodiment of Goddess Kali. In ancient times, travellers

Stone Goddess

As per the heavenly directive, Dinbandhu Singh installed a stone idol called Sheela to symbolise Goddess Rankini. The stone has gotten bigger over time, a phenomena that is ascribed to the Goddess’ heavenly presence. This living stone is evidence of the temple’s ethereal spiritual atmosphere.

Rankini Mandir: Unveiling Ancient Mysteries and Spiritual Wonders

Charming Folklore

Local legend has it that Goddess Rankini once asked a shepherd for shelter in the Kapadgadi Ghat, where she later turned a pile of clothing into stone to escape capture. This fascinating story heightens the temple’s ethereal quality and mysticism.

passing through dense forests sought protection and blessings at the Rankini Devi temple. The temple’s origin story involves a divine dream, where a local resident, Dinbandhu Singh, was guided by Goddess Rankini herself to establish a place of worship accessible to all.

Temple Structure

The existing temple, which has stood for about 70 years, features superb architecture and elaborate carvings. It is a testament to the worshippers’ unwavering faith and dedication. The temple complex also features temples devoted to Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva, providing spiritual seekers with a peaceful environment.

Rankini Mandir: Unveiling Ancient Mysteries and Spiritual Wonders

Pay a visit to Rankini Mandir.

Rankini Mandir is located on the Hata-Jadugora state route, just 3 kilometres from Jadugoda and 35 kilometres from Tatanagar Railway Station. This fascinating destination offers visitors a unique blend of spirituality and natural beauty.

Rankini Mandir is a symbol of faith, devotion, and ancient legends. Immerse yourself in the mysterious air of this hallowed spot as you discover Jharkhand’s deep-rooted traditions. Plan a trip to Rankini Mandir and engage on a spiritual adventure amidst history and natural beauty.

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