होम News Central Home Minister Awards Bravery Medals to Jharkhand Police for Naxal Eradication

Central Home Minister Awards Bravery Medals to Jharkhand Police for Naxal Eradication


The Central Home Minister on Tuesday presented 16 Jharkhand police personnel with the Home Minister’s Operation Medal in recognition of their extraordinary bravery. These officers received the renowned award, which is bestowed for extraordinary valour, in recognition of their contributions to the liberation of the Boodha Hills from Naxal rebels.

This year, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) saw a record 51 officers and jawans get the medal. Notably, among the beneficiaries were sixteen personnel of the Jharkhand Police. These brave policemen were honoured for their participation in the crucial operations Double Bull and Octopus, which were designed to eradicate the Naxal menace.

The Boodha Hills operation, Operation Octopus, effectively drove the Naxals out of their stronghold. Later, Operation Double Bull, carried out in the thick Bulbul Jungle close to the Lohardaga-Garhwa border, resulted in the confiscation of a large number of weapons, including 28 deadly rifles and 16 improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Fourteen ardent Naxal commanders were apprehended during these operations, and the Bulbul Jungle was effectively freed of Naxal influence.

After being under Naxal rule for almost thirty years, Boodha Hills is now free of their tyranny. The Boodha Hills Development Project was officially launched by the Chief Minister during a historic visit. By providing a better lifestyle and integrating the locals with government programmes, this effort seeks to integrate the locals with mainstream society.

Jointly carried out by the CRPF and Jharkhand Police, Operation Double Bull proved crucial in the war against Naxalism. During the operation, there were fourteen close confrontations that led to the capture of hardline Naxals and the reestablishment of peace in the once-infamous Naxal bastion known as the Bulbul Jungle.

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