होम News Ranchi’s Street Light Revamp: A Brighter Future Emerges

Ranchi’s Street Light Revamp: A Brighter Future Emerges


Ranchi Shines Brighter as Street Light Revamp Takes Center Stage

– In a significant stride towards enhancing the city’s nocturnal charm, the Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) has embarked on an ambitious mission to rejuvenate its street lighting infrastructure, which has long been overshadowed by neglect. The move comes as a beacon of hope for Ranchi’s residents who have faced dimly lit streets and alleys for far too long.(Ranchi’s Street Light Revamp)

30 Dedicated Teams Mobilized for Swift Action

To address the persistent issue of malfunctioning street lights, the RMC has mobilized a formidable workforce. Comprising 30 skilled teams of electricians and workers, they are poised to tackle the problem head-on. Operating tirelessly from 6 pm to 6 am every day, these teams are primed to rectify faulty street lights, replacing damaged bulbs and wires as needed.

Citizen-Centric Approach with Toll-Free Reporting

In a bid to involve the community in this transformative endeavor, the RMC has gone the extra mile by establishing a dedicated toll-free helpline for Ranchi’s conscientious citizens. The toll-free number (18003456527) is a vital tool for residents to promptly report any issues they encounter with street lights. This open channel of communication ensures that the RMC is attuned to the concerns and needs of the people it serves.

A Brighter Future in 15 Days

With a clear vision and a focused plan of action, the RMC is determined to complete the extensive repair work within a brisk 15-day timeframe. Ranchi’s residents can look forward to safer and brighter streets, providing a sense of security and comfort after the sun sets.

The city of Ranchi is poised to undergo a remarkable transformation, with its streets set to shine brightly once more. The RMC’s dedicated teams, citizen engagement initiatives, and the promise of a rapid repair schedule all contribute to the city’s mission to become a safer and more vibrant place to be after dark. Ranchi’s future, it seems, is undeniably illuminated.

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