होम News National ICT Awards Celebrate Tech-Integrated Teaching

National ICT Awards Celebrate Tech-Integrated Teaching


The National ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Award, a prestigious accolade, acknowledges educators who skillfully and creatively incorporate technology-supported education into school curricula and subject instruction. This dynamic approach enriches student learning through progressive and modern methods. The selection process, undertaken at the national level, involves a jury panel comprised of distinguished educators. Since 2010, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, has been conferring this honor upon teachers who have harnessed Information and Communication Technology for educational advancements across the nation’s schools.

Honoring Pioneers of Tech-Integrated Teaching: Winners of the ICT Award 2018 and 2019

The names of the outstanding recipients of the ICT Award for 2018 and 2019 have been unveiled. Among the remarkable awardees of the ICT Award in 2019 are two educators hailing from Jharkhand – Shweta Sharma from Devghar and Nirupama Kumari from Bokaro. These educators have exemplified the effective fusion of technology and education in their teaching methods.

Shweta Sharma: Illuminating Education Through E-Content

Shweta Sharma, an English language educator from Devghar, stands as a beacon of innovative teaching. Her dedication to enhancing education through technology has earned her the prestigious National ICT Award. The award was bestowed upon her by the honorable President of India, signifying her exceptional contributions.

Shweta Sharma’s e-content initiative, rooted in captivating comics and animation, has received widespread acclaim. Her pioneering experiment has not only garnered praise in her home state but has also been integrated into the widely-used Diksha app and the Swayam platform. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visionary One Nation One Platform initiative played a pivotal role in launching the Diksha app.

Nirupama Kumari: Revolutionizing Education Through ICT

Nirupama Kumari, an educator from Ramarudra Plus Two High School in Bokaro, has been selected for the esteemed National ICT Award for her transformative approach to teaching. By leveraging Information and Communication Technology (ICT), she has opened up new avenues of education for academically engaged students in government schools.

Nurturing Learning in Challenging Times

The landscape of education underwent a seismic shift during the pandemic, prompting educators to adapt rapidly to online teaching methods. Nirupama Kumari emerged as a trailblazer, fully preparing herself for this paradigm shift. She equipped herself with technical skills while guiding her students to harness technology for effective learning. Her proactive efforts have empowered students to recognize the value of technology in education, facilitating seamless online learning experiences through mobile devices and laptops.

Empowering Educators: Shaping the Future Through Tech-Integrated Learning

Both Shweta Sharma and Nirupama Kumari have showcased their commitment to education and innovation by receiving the National ICT Award. Their endeavors are not only shaping the present but also laying the foundation for a technologically enriched future in education. These awards represent a significant step towards women’s empowerment and the evolution of teaching methodologies.

Driving Change Beyond the Classroom: Contributions of Nirupama Kumari

Nirupama Kumari’s influence extends beyond her classroom. By completing 46 certificate courses in technology and leveraging her expertise, she has facilitated effective online learning for students. Her efforts have led to the creation of subject-specific videos for teachers and the utilization of IT tools for enhanced learning outcomes. Through creative online projects, cultural activities, and competitions, she has cultivated a dynamic learning environment.

Harnessing Technology for Holistic Education

Nirupama Kumari’s impact extends to question generation and teacher training, where she played a pivotal role as a coordinator for the state government’s Learnetic app. She contributed to content creation for the Digi Saathi program at the state level, providing essential training to fellow educators. Her proactive engagement in online teaching, even before the pandemic, and her creation of an e-magazine reflect her dedication to enriching education.

Beyond Boundaries: Expanding Access to Literature

Nirupama Kumari’s passion for education is evident through her authorship of storybooks and memoirs. These literary works were broadcast on the radio, bringing education to a wider audience. She is further digitizing the school library system, making online books accessible through LED screens. Her efforts align with the goal of creating a comprehensive digital learning environment for students and teachers alike.

A Brighter Future: Technology-Driven Education Continues to Thrive

The National ICT Award recognizes the transformative role of technology in education and celebrates educators who embrace this evolution. The dedication of teachers like Nirupama Kumari and Shweta Sharma, who have seamlessly integrated technology into their teaching, paves the way for a more advanced and interconnected educational landscape. Their innovative approaches underscore the potential of technology to revolutionize learning and empower both educators and students.

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