होम News Rajdhani Express Adds Lohardaga Stop: Enhanced Connectivity & Economic Growth

Rajdhani Express Adds Lohardaga Stop: Enhanced Connectivity & Economic Growth


Rajdhani Express Adds Lohardaga Stop: Enhanced Connectivity and Economic Boost

In a significant development that promises improved connectivity and economic growth, the iconic Rajdhani Express is set to make a new stop at Lohardaga starting from August 13, 2023. This decision, influenced by a request from the Jharkhand government, marks a positive step toward bolstering accessibility and fostering regional development.

The Rajdhani Express, renowned for its swiftness and efficiency, connects the bustling metropolis of New Delhi with the vibrant city of Kolkata. While it already serves Ranchi, the inclusion of Lohardaga as a stop will cater to the eastern reaches of the state, facilitating smoother travel for the local populace and visitors alike.

Lohardaga district boasts a tapestry of vital industries, encompassing steel, coal, and power. The strategic addition of a Rajdhani Express stop is expected to breathe new life into the economic landscape of the region, propelling both growth and opportunities.

The Railway Board, in line with this expansion, has also unveiled plans to elevate the frequency of the Rajdhani Express, upping its presence from two to three trains per week. This enhancement not only exemplifies the railway’s commitment to efficiency but also simplifies travel options for individuals journeying between New Delhi and Kolkata.

Local residents and stakeholders have welcomed the decision to introduce Lohardaga as a stop for the Rajdhani Express. This change is set to reshape connectivity dynamics, bridging gaps and ushering in a wave of prosperity for the region.

Key Points about the New Stop:

  • The Rajdhani Express will now halt at Lohardaga in both its inbound and outbound journeys.
  • The train’s pause at Lohardaga station is scheduled for a duration of 10 minutes.
  • The commencement of the new stop is slated for August 13, 2023.

With the inclusion of Lohardaga on its itinerary, the Rajdhani Express embarks on a new chapter of service, embracing accessibility, growth, and opportunity. As passengers step aboard this iconic train, they also step into a future defined by enhanced connectivity and a thriving local economy.

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