होम News Jharkhand’s New Healthcare Regulations

Jharkhand’s New Healthcare Regulations


Jharkhand’s New Healthcare Regulations concerning patient referrals from private hospitals to government facilities. The aim is to ensure a more thorough evaluation of patients’ conditions before any transfer takes place.

Under the upcoming law, private hospitals are no longer authorized to directly refer patients to government hospitals in serious cases. Instead, a set of stringent criteria has been established to govern the referral process. This involves a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s overall health, taking into account factors such as breathing tube functionality, oxygen saturation levels, blood pressure, sugar levels, pulse rate, and heart rate.

Only if these vital indicators meet specified standards can a private hospital proceed with referring the patient to a government facility. The primary goal of these strict criteria is to improve the quality and appropriateness of referrals. This ensures that patients are transferred only when absolutely necessary and under conditions that are conducive to their well-being.

It’s important to note that these regulations also extend to the transfer of patients between government hospitals. This emphasizes a consistent and meticulous approach within the healthcare system, aiming to uphold the highest standards in patient care and well-considered decision-making.

This development signifies a crucial step toward optimizing the healthcare system, promoting responsible and patient-centric practices in the referral process. Stay tuned for further updates as these regulations come into effect, shaping a more robust and efficient healthcare framework in Jharkhand.

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