होम News Ganga-Damodar Express Extends Service to Dumka

Ganga-Damodar Express Extends Service to Dumka


The Ganga-Damodar Express, running from Dhanbad to Patna, has now expanded its route to Dumka, with approval granted for its operation between Patna and Dumka. Instead of using separate racks, the train will now run on Ganga-Damodar’s LHB racks.

New Route Details:

  • The train will travel from Patna to Dumka, passing through Kiul, Abhaypur, Jamalpur, Sultanpur, Bhagalpur, and Barahat.
  • No changes in the timetable between Dhanbad and Patna.

Previous Expansion Plans: Previously, the plan was to extend the Ganga-Damodar Express only up to Bhagalpur. Last year, a special train operated from Patna to Bhagalpur during the Sawan season. However, technical difficulties in keeping the train stationed for an extended period at Bhagalpur led to the proposal being dropped.

Approval for Dumka Expansion: During this time, the East Central Railway sent a letter to the East Central Railway, obtaining approval for the extension of the route to Dumka. This change will result in partial time adjustments for three trains. The 13235 Sahibganj-Danapur Intercity will reach the station 10 minutes earlier, while the 13236 Danapur-Sahibganj Intercity will be delayed by 10 minutes. The 03488 Kiul-Jamalpur DEMU Passenger will open five minutes later.

Revised Timetable – Patna to Dumka:

  • Departure from Dhanbad-Patna Ganga-Damodar Express at 11:20 PM, reaching Patna at 5:15 AM.
  • Departure from Patna to Dumka at 6:40 AM, arriving at Bhagalpur at 11:05 AM, and Dumka at 1:30 PM.
  • Departure from Dumka at 2:05 PM, reaching Bhagalpur at 4:32 PM, and Patna at 9:45 PM.
  • Arrival in Dhanbad from Patna at 11:30 PM, reaching at 5:20 AM.

With this extension, the Ganga-Damodar Express is set to connect more destinations, offering improved connectivity and convenience for passengers.

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