होम News Jharkhand Government Introduces Stricter Grading Criteria for College Grants

Jharkhand Government Introduces Stricter Grading Criteria for College Grants


In a significant development, degree colleges in Jharkhand receiving financial aid from the government will now be subject to stringent grading norms to secure grants. The state’s education department has issued a notification to this effect, amending the State Government’s Free Education Grant Regulations of 2004. Consequently, colleges with financial assistance will not only be evaluated based on student numbers but also on their performance according to a newly introduced grading system.{Jharkhand Government}

Under these new guidelines, colleges with recognized affiliation will receive grants based not only on the number of enrolled students but also on their grading. Institutions achieving a higher grade will receive significantly more financial aid, which could be up to four times the previous amounts.

The State Government has revised the Jharkhand State Government’s Free Education Grant Regulations of 2004, with the Higher and Technical Education Department releasing the relevant notification.

According to the revised regulations, degree colleges with recognized affiliation will now be assessed for grants not only based on the number of students but also according to their grading. Colleges that do not meet the required grading standards will receive grants at the previous rates.

The department has implemented a grading scale for funding. This increased funding will be applicable for the financial years 2023-24, 2024-25, 2025-26, 2026-27, and 2027-28. Post the financial year 2027-28, degree colleges with permanent affiliation will be mandated to achieve a minimum B grade to qualify for grant approval. Institutions falling below the B grade from the financial year 2028-29 onwards will not receive any funding.

Funding Allocations (in lakhs) as per the grading scale:

GradingNumber of StudentsMinimum AmountMaximum Amount
A Grade250 to 5008.4012.00
B Grade250 to 5005.608.00
C Grade250 to 5002.804.00
No Grade250 to 5001.402.00
A Grade501 to 100010.8015.00
B Grade501 to 10007.2010.00
C Grade501 to 10003.605.00
No Grade501 to 10001.802.50
A Grade1001 to 200014.4018.00
B Grade1001 to 20009.6012.00
C Grade1001 to 20004.806.00
No Grade1001 to 20002.403.00
A Grade2001 and above24.0030.00
B Grade2001 and above16.0020.00
C Grade2001 and above8.0010.00
No Grade2001 and above4.005.00

Note: This grading scale applies to women’s colleges with student numbers ranging from 150 to 400, 401 to 800, 801 to 1500, and 1501 and above.

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