होम News Jharkhand Government Strongly Opposes Proposed Amendment to Coal Bearing Areas Act, 1957

Jharkhand Government Strongly Opposes Proposed Amendment to Coal Bearing Areas Act, 1957


Jharkhand Government Strongly Opposes Proposed Amendment to Coal Mining A The Jharkhand government has taken a firm stand against the proposed amendment to the Coal Bearing Areas (Acquisition and Development) Act of 1957, which could potentially grant private companies the authority to acquire land for coal mining without obtaining consent from the state government. The state government has expressed its vehement opposition to this move, citing multiple concerns.

Violation of Constitutional Rights and Tribal Communities’ Interests

One of the primary objections raised by the Jharkhand government is that such an amendment would infringe upon the constitutional rights of the state and its tribal communities. The tribal communities, in particular, have a significant stake in the land, and their interests must be protected. Any unilateral decision to permit private entities to acquire land without state consent could have far-reaching implications for these communities.

Environmental and Social Implications

The proposed amendment also raises concerns regarding its potential environmental and social impacts. Jharkhand, with its rich biodiversity and delicate ecological balance, is wary of any changes that may jeopardize its natural resources. Additionally, the state government is mindful of the social fabric and harmony within its borders, and any hasty move that disrupts this equilibrium is a cause for concern.

Undermining Cooperative Federalism and Legal Framework

Furthermore, the Jharkhand government contends that the proposed amendment would undermine the principles of cooperative federalism. The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act of 2015 already vests significant authority in the state to grant mining leases, emphasizing the importance of states in such decisions. Any alteration to this balance could disrupt the harmonious relationship between the Centre and the states in matters of resource management.

A Call for Withdrawal and Consultation

In light of these concerns, the Jharkhand government has made an earnest appeal to the Central government to reconsider its proposal. It urges the Centre to engage in meaningful consultation with the states before making any alterations to the existing legal framework. Such a collaborative approach, it believes, will ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are considered, and any changes are made in the best interest of the state and its people.

The Jharkhand government’s stance underscores the importance of a balanced and consultative approach to resource management, ensuring the well-being of both the environment and the communities that call it home.

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