होम Sports Jamshedpur to Host International Chess Tournament

Jamshedpur to Host International Chess Tournament


Jamshedpur to Host International Chess Tournament: A Battle of Grandmasters

The Steel City of Jamshedpur is all set to become the battleground for an intense international chess tournament, scheduled from Thursday, September 7 to Friday, September 15. This prestigious event, orchestrated by the All Jharkhand Chess Association (AJCA) and generously sponsored by Tata Steel, promises to be a thrilling spectacle.

World-Class Lineup of Grandmasters and International Masters

The tournament boasts an impressive line-up of chess maestros, featuring 10 grandmasters and 10 international masters hailing from 12 different countries. The stakes are high as this event is a crucial component of the FIDE Grand Swiss and Women’s Grand Swiss 2023 cycle, a series that will ultimately determine the contenders for the coveted World Chess Championship in 2024.

A Global Platform for Chess Excellence

Jamshedpur, known for its industrial prowess, now stands proud as a host to this global chess extravaganza. It provides a platform for chess enthusiasts worldwide to witness the brilliance, strategic mastery, and sheer passion that chess players bring to the board. For local talent, this event is a golden opportunity to learn from the best and elevate their skills to new heights..

Thrilling Matches on the Horizon

The action-packed chess matches will commence daily at 3 pm, with one exception – the final round, which will kick off at 10 am on Friday. The tournament offers an impressive prize fund of $1.5 million, with the triumphant chess virtuoso taking home a staggering $325,000.

Watch the Battles Unfold Live

Can’t make it to Jamshedpur? Fret not! The tournament will be broadcast live on the official websites and social media platforms of both FIDE and AJCA. Tune in to witness the strategic brilliance and fierce determination of these chess titans as they vie for victory on the 64 squares.

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