होम News Kudumi-Kurmi Society’s ‘Hunkar Mahareli’ Rally: February 18th

Kudumi-Kurmi Society’s ‘Hunkar Mahareli’ Rally: February 18th


chief coordinator of the Totamili Kudumi-Kurmi (Mahato) society, at the old legislative assembly auditorium addressed a concerning issue. Sheetal highlighted a plot by the BJP and some political parties to weaken the fight for including the Scheduled Tribes in the list and incorporating the Kudumali language into the eighth schedule of the constitution.

Hunkar Mahareli’ Protest Rally

To silence the opposition, a protest rally named ‘Hunkar Mahareli’ is being organized. This event, set to take place on February 18th at Morahabadi Maidan, will serve as a strong response to the adversaries. Despite attempts to disrupt the rally with roadblocks, it is expected that the Kudumis will stand firm against any obstacles.

Warning from Sheetal Ohadar

Sheetal Ohadar issued a stern warning, stating that the ‘Hunkar Mahareli’ protest rally will witness the participation of a significant number of Kudumi society members. The event will showcase traditional attire, cultural dances like Chhau, Jhumar, Pata Nach, Natuwa Nach, Ghoda Nach, and musical performances. Preparations for this grand event are underway at the village level.

Appeal for Solidarity

Ranbir Choudhary, the president of Kurmi Development Council, expressed that the call for ‘Hunkar Mahareli’ has spread throughout Jharkhand due to the ongoing assault on the Kudumi community. He mentioned that the community has been deprived of its identity and constitutional rights for 73 years. The youth are now vigilant about their rights, and the community is ready for a unified fight.

Sanjeev Mahot, the chairman of the event, appealed to Kudumi parliamentarians to raise the demand for inclusion in the Scheduled Tribes list more strongly. Kameshwar Mahato, the president of Jharkhand Kurmi Mahasabha, stated that nearly five lakh people from the Kudumi community would participate in the ‘Hunkar Mahareli’ protest.

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