होम News Jharkhand Faces Severe Shortage of University Teachers

Jharkhand Faces Severe Shortage of University Teachers


Jharkhand, the state known for its educational institutions, is grappling with a critical shortage of university teachers, and the situation is expected to worsen in the coming years. According to a recent report, around 60 percent of the university teacher positions are projected to be vacant by 2023, primarily due to retirements and professionals seeking better prospects elsewhere. The report, based on data from the Higher Education Department, reveals that out of the total 4,500 sanctioned posts for university teachers, a mere 1,800 are currently occupied. This leaves a significant number of positions either vacant or filled on a contractual or temporary basis by guest faculty members. The report further highlights the numerous challenges faced by universities in recruiting qualified and experienced teachers, including inadequate salaries, insufficient infrastructure, and bureaucratic hurdles.

As the shortage of university teachers looms large, it raises concerns about the quality of education and the impact on students’ academic progress. The absence of experienced faculty members can impede the overall learning environment, leading to a compromised educational experience. Universities are struggling to attract competent candidates to fill the vacant positions, primarily due to the uncompetitive salary packages offered. The lack of proper infrastructure, including research facilities and libraries, further hampers the recruitment process.

In addition to these challenges, bureaucratic obstacles in the recruitment procedures pose additional hindrances for universities. Lengthy administrative processes and red tape often deter potential candidates, discouraging them from pursuing teaching positions in Jharkhand’s universities.

The government and educational authorities need to address this critical issue urgently. Measures such as revising salary structures to make them more attractive, providing better infrastructure facilities, streamlining administrative procedures, and offering incentives for qualified teachers can help alleviate the shortage of university teachers. Additionally, efforts should be made to encourage experienced professionals to pursue a career in academia and provide adequate support for their professional growth

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