होम News Coal Minister’s Visit to Dhanbad: BCCL’s Success and Coal Production Updates

Coal Minister’s Visit to Dhanbad: BCCL’s Success and Coal Production Updates


Dhanbad, July 13, 2023 – The Coal Minister, Prahlad Joshi, is scheduled to visit Dhanbad today as part of his tour of Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL), a subsidiary of Coal India. This highly anticipated visit marks Minister Joshi’s first time visiting BCCL and is expected to bring about significant developments. The minister will arrive at Durgapur airport from Delhi via a special plane at approximately 10:30 am, following which he will proceed to Dhanbad by road, reaching his destination at 12 pm. Upon his arrival at the BCCL headquarters, Minister Joshi will be honored with a guard of honor. Additionally, he will pay tribute to the martyred workers at the Shaheed Chowk in Coal Nagar and inaugurate a rest house. Subsequently, the minister will conduct a review meeting with BCCL officials at the Coal Bhawan, during which key decisions, including the assessment of the Jharia Master Plan, are anticipated. It is also likely that Minister Joshi will make several announcements during his visit.

The Minister to Inspect the Aina Fire Patch

Following lunch, Coal Minister Joshi is scheduled to visit the Taxmin Innovation Hub at IIT-ISM. Subsequently, he will embark on a tour of the fire-affected areas in Bansjora, Katras, and Rajapur Rajput Basti. Notably, Minister Joshi will inspect the Aina fire patch located in the Kusunda area to gather information about coal production amid the ongoing fire. In the evening, the minister will meet with prominent personalities at a local hotel. On Friday morning, at 6:30 am, Minister Joshi will depart from Dhanbad to return to Durgapur airport.

BCCL Emerges as Top Performing Company with Highest Growth

During the first quarter of the current financial year, BCCL not only met its coal production target but also exceeded the previous year’s profits. However, as BCCL is listed with SEBI, the specific profit figures have not been disclosed. Presently, Coal India’s overall production growth stands at a positive 9.92 percent. With the exception of NEC, nearly all subsidiary companies of Coal India have shown positive production growth. BCCL, boasting an impressive growth rate of 23.62 percent, has emerged as the top-performing company within Coal India. According to Coal India’s data, BCCL has not only achieved positive growth in the current financial year (2023-24), but has also produced 110 percent of its coal target. Apart from BCCL, only NCL (105.57%) and WCL (105.97%) have successfully met their coal production targets, while other subsidiary companies of Coal India are falling behind. Nevertheless, there is positive growth of 18.50 percent in SECL, 16.70 percent in ECL, 15.98 percent in WCL, and 10.46 percent in CCL.

Coal India Attains 98.27% of Production Target

Between April and July 11 of the current financial year, Coal India has achieved a total coal production of 194.33 million tonnes, accounting for 98.27 percent of its target of 197.75 million tonnes. According to Coal India’s records, apart from BCCL, NCL, WCL, and NEC, the remaining subsidiary companies are lagging behind their production targets.

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