होम News Jharkhand doctors go on indefinite strike, healthcare services to be hit

Jharkhand doctors go on indefinite strike, healthcare services to be hit


Jharkhand doctors go on indefinite strike, all services except emergency to be suspended from today

Strike in protest against assault on doctor in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur Doctors in Jharkhand have announced an indefinite strike in protest against the increasing incidents of assault on doctors in the state. The strike will begin today, September 22. During the strike, all services except emergency will be suspended in all government and private hospitals.

The strike has been announced by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and the Jharkhand State Health Services Association (JHSA). The strike is in protest against the assault on PG student Dr. Kamlesh Uraon in Jamshedpur.

According to the incident, a child died during treatment on Monday night around 2 am. The child’s relatives entered the doctor’s chamber and assaulted him. A video of the incident has also surfaced.

Doctors say that two days have passed since the incident, but the accused have not been arrested yet. This incident has caused a lot of anger among the doctors.

During the strike, doctors are demanding that:

  • All the accused should be arrested immediately and given strict punishment.
  • Deputation administrative officers in all medical colleges should be removed.
  • Medical Protection Act should be implemented.

Doctors have said that if the government does not meet their demands, the strike will continue.

The strike is likely to have an impact on healthcare services in the state.

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