होम News Good News for Jharkhand’s Jal Sahiyas

Good News for Jharkhand’s Jal Sahiyas


“Big News for Jharkhand’s 29,604 Jal Sahiyas”

The Jharkhand government has unveiled a significant development for its 29,604 Jal Sahiyas, entrusted with overseeing and implementing vital schemes under the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) and Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM, Rural) across the state.

Monthly Honorarium and Smartphones: Empowering Jal Sahiyas{Good News}

As part of this initiative, each Jal Sahiya will receive a monthly honorarium of Rs 1000. Additionally, they will be equipped with a smartphone valued at Rs 12,000, enabling them to efficiently enter and upload data through the user-friendly Jhar Jal mobile app.

Distinct Identity with Sky Blue Sarees

To ensure the distinct identity of these dedicated workers, Jal Sahiyas will also be provided with two sarees annually. These sarees will feature a sky blue color with a dark blue border, making them easily recognizable in their roles.

Allocation of Funds by the Drinking Water and Sanitation Department

This visionary decision has been sanctioned by the Drinking Water and Sanitation Department, which has earmarked a substantial budget of Rs 39.07 crore to support this program.

Upcoming Tender Process for Smartphones and Sarees

The process for procuring smartphones and sarees is set to commence soon, ensuring that Jal Sahiyas receive these essential resources promptly.

Empowering Change at the Grassroots Level

This proactive step by the Jharkhand government exemplifies its commitment to empowering the Jal Sahiyas who play a pivotal role in driving the success of essential missions. With monthly honorariums, smartphones, and distinct attire, these dedicated individuals are poised to bring about transformative change in their communities.

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