होम News Bokaro Steel Plant’s Amazing August 2023 Achievements

Bokaro Steel Plant’s Amazing August 2023 Achievements



Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL), known for its unwavering commitment to excellence, has achieved remarkable milestones in August 2023. The plant’s major units have shown impressive growth compared to the Corresponding Period Last Year (CPLY), marking a significant moment in its history. This article delves into the extraordinary accomplishments of BSL, highlighting the growth in various production units and the dedication of its team.

BSL’s August Achievements:

August 2023 witnessed a surge of achievements at Bokaro Steel Plant. The plant recorded a phenomenal 15% growth in hot metal production, an 11.7% increase in Crude Steel production, and a remarkable 18.1% growth in Saleable Steel production compared to the same period last year. Several major production units, including Coke Ovens & Coal Chemicals (CO&CC), SMS-New, and Hot Rolled Coil Finishing (HRCF), achieved a remarkable 100% of their production targets. The Hot Strip Mill (HSM) was close behind, achieving 99% of its production target. Notably, the first-time achievement of 100% production target was recorded in PLTCM, BAF, and SPM-III units of Cold Rolling Mill (CRM-III).

Acknowledging Excellence:

On September 1st, Executive Director (Works) BK Tiwari and Executive Director (P&A) Rajan Prasad visited these departments to extend their congratulations to the dedicated team members. Chief General Managers, senior officials, and enthusiastic employees from these units joined the celebration. August 2023 also witnessed new daily production records in Heat Blown, Heat Cast, and Crude Steel production in SMS New, along with noteworthy achievements in Oven Pushing, Hot Metal production, Crude Steel production, HR Coil production, and Saleable Steel Dispatch.

Setting Records and Beyond:

BSL’s accomplishments in August were not limited to production alone. A record lining life of 1717 was achieved for Converter D1 at SMS New. Additionally, the plant demonstrated significant improvements in key techno-economic parameters, such as B.F. Productivity and Coke Rate. Chief Operating Officer of BSL, M.K. Dhan, expressed pride in the plant’s spirited performance, signaling its readiness to set new benchmarks in the coming months of the fiscal year.


Bokaro Steel Plant’s remarkable achievements in August 2023 reflect its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and continuous growth. The plant’s dedication to setting new records and surpassing its own achievements exemplifies its role as a cornerstone in India’s industrial landscape. As BSL continues to break barriers and set higher standards, it serves as an inspiration to the entire industry.

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