होम Tourism Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary: Preserving Nature’s Beauty

Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary: Preserving Nature’s Beauty



Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary, nestled in the north-western region of Chatra district in Jharkhand, boasts a rich historical legacy. Once the favored hunting grounds of the Tikait of Kunda Estate, this hilly forested terrain has long been a sanctuary for diverse wildlife species.

Recognizing its abundant wildlife, the area comprising 64 protected forests was officially declared the ‘Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary’ on August 7, 1978. Situated 66 km away, Tori serves as the nearest railway station, while the Gaya-Ranchi national highway NH 22 skirts the eastern periphery of the sanctuary. Accessible via the Hazaribagh-Simaria-Bagra more road, Lawalong is also well-connected to major cities like Ranchi and Gaya, the latter hosting an international airport merely 100 km away.

This sanctuary holds immense significance in the Chhotanagpur plateau, offering a habitat for various wildlife species, including the majestic elephants and their corridors. The sanctuary is home to a diverse array of animals such as Chitals, Wild boars, Black bears, Jackals, Porcupines, Hyenas, Pangolins, and Hares. Additionally, Lawalong provides a haven for numerous bird species, including the Serpent Eagle, Paradise flycatcher, Kingfisher, Bee-eater, Swift, various types of Babblers, Black Drongo, Woodpecker, Lapwing, Peafowl, Pond heron, and Egret.

Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary: Preserving Nature’s Beauty

Geographical Marvel

Nestled at approximately 24.160652°N latitude and 84.657478°E longitude, the sanctuary sprawls over 207 square kilometers (80 sq mi). Its borders are traced by the Amanat River to the south, the Chako River to the west, and the Lilajan River to the north-east. Accessible from Chatra via the Gaya-Ranchi state highway, this sanctuary is an oasis of nature’s wonders.

Flora and Fauna

Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary boasts Northern Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests, creating a habitat for a rich variety of species. The sanctuary’s canopy, moderately dense, is dominated by the graceful presence of ‘sal’ trees. Amidst this green canopy, wildlife thrives. From the majestic Indian elephant to the elusive leopard, and from the playful Rhesus macaque to the elegant spotted deer, Lawalong is a sanctuary where nature truly comes alive.

Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary: Preserving Nature’s Beauty

Conservation Efforts and Community Harmony

The sanctuary not only preserves wildlife but also nurtures the lives of 64 surrounding villages. The residents enjoy certain rights, such as grazing cattle and collecting firewood, showcasing the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature.

Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary stands as a testament to the commitment of Chatra towards conservation and ecological balance. It’s a destination not just for nature enthusiasts but for anyone seeking solace in the arms of untouched wilderness. Visit and witness nature’s wonders at their purest form in this verdant sanctuary of Jharkhand.

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