होम News Weather Alert: Cyclonic Storm ‘ Michaung’ Brings Fluctuations and Rain to Jharkhand

Weather Alert: Cyclonic Storm ‘ Michaung’ Brings Fluctuations and Rain to Jharkhand


Cyclone Michaung, the cyclonic storm, is causing frequent fluctuations in the weather. An alert has been issued due to the probability of rain in these districts today. Weather Alert The cyclonic storm is causing constant weather variations across the entire state. Partial cloud cover is expected in several places, and light rain is possible in certain spots, including Ranchi. On the evening of December 4, the cyclonic storm Michaung

passed over the shores of northern Tamil Nadu, which included southern Andhra Pradesh, and between Chennai and Machilipatnam. Jharkhand is going to be affected by it as well.

The state of Jharkhand and its capital, Ranchi, are seeing continuous weather variations. It is predicted that there will be some cloud cover in a number of locations, with light rainfall possible in areas like Ranchi. Most places are likely to get fog or mist in the morning.

In the Bay of Bengal, specifically in the southeast of West Bengal, a low-pressure area is developing. It is anticipated that the state would be affected by this system starting on December 5.

A cyclonic storm is developing in the southern portion of the Bay of Bengal, according to meteorologist Abhishek Anand of the Ranchi Meteorological Centre. It is expected to impact the state starting on December 5.

On December 5, there’s a chance of light to moderate rainfall in a few areas of the state’s south, like Saraikela-Kharsawan, East and West Singhbhum, and Simdega. On December 6, there’s a chance of light rain in certain places as well.

The southern parts of the state could have mild to moderate rainfall on December 7. Significant temperature fluctuations are not anticipated at this time. The effects of the cold weather can get worse throughout the state from December 7.

In Ranchi, clouds have been seen in the morning, indicating a change in the weather. There is a cloud cover and possible drop in temperature being observed. There was also mist and fog earlier in the morning.

There is a chance of light to moderate rainfall in the southern regions of the state, which include East and West Singhbhum, Simdega, Saraikela-Kharsawan, and the central regions, which include Ranchi, Ramgarh, Hazaribagh, Gumla, Bokaro, and Khunti.

In certain locations, there is also a chance of thunderstorms and lightning on December 7. In this regard, a yellow alert has been issued by the weather service.

DateWeather ConditionsRainfallMax Temperature (°C)Min Temperature (°C)
December 5thGenerally cloudy with a chance of light rainLight rain possible2316
December 6thCloudy conditions expected, possibility of light to moderate rainfallLight to moderate rainfall2316
December 7thCloudy weather with thunder, chance of light to moderate rainfallLight to moderate rainfall2216
December 8thPartial clouds will persist, dry weather expectedNo rainfall expected2516
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