होम Tourism Ladhnna Dam: A Perfect Picnic Getaway

Ladhnna Dam: A Perfect Picnic Getaway


The onset of chilly weather sparks the desire for picnics and outdoor feasts among people. Ladhnna, situated in the Mihizam Thana region, has long been deemed an ideal tourist spot for such gatherings. Located 13 kilometers from Mihizam and bordered by the serene Damodar River, {“Jamtara””Ladhnna attracts a considerable number of picnic enthusiasts. The panoramic view of the placid waters of the Damodar River on one side and the enchanting hills adorned with diverse trees on the other makes this destination a visual treat.

Popular Picnic Months: December to February

During the winter months of December, January, and February, Ladhnna witnesses an influx of families from places like Asansol, Chittaranjan, Jamtara, Rupnarayanpur, and Vidyasagar. Despite the absence of proper water facilities at the picnic spot, visitors, undeterred, come in large numbers. The last two years saw a deserted Ladhnna due to the pandemic, but with continuous demands from locals and political parties, Ladhnna Dam has now been officially designated as a tourism spot.

Renovation Efforts by the Government

Recognizing Ladhnna’s potential, the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture, Sports, and Youth Affairs have bestowed tourism status upon Ladhnna Dam. Allocated funds are being utilized for beautification, and the construction department has initiated development work.

Why Ladhnna Holds Its Charm

The allure of Ladhnna lies in its location along the Damodar River and the harmonious blend of mountains and a delightful dam. The annual migration of wild elephants through these hills has given Ladhnna Dam and the surrounding mountains widespread recognition. Despite the remote location, tourists flock to this quiet haven. Boating facilities add an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience.

Getting There: A Scenic Journey

Access to Ladhnna from the Jamtara district headquarters and Mihizam city is facilitated by various rented vehicles. Alternatively, individuals can use private transportation. For a delightful picnic, it’s advisable to carry all necessary supplies, including self-prepared meals or food from home.

The Story Behind the Name: Ladhnna Gram

The tourism and picnic spot derives its name from the nearby Ladhnna village. Currently recognized as Ladhnna Gram Panchayat, the area has become synonymous with this beautiful picnic spot.

Challenges of Picnicking in Ladhnna

Despite the absence of drinking water facilities at the site, the charm of Ladhnna remains intact. Travelers are undeterred, bringing their own water supplies to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Ladhnna Dam.

FAQs About Ladhnna Dam Picnic Spot

Ladhnna Dam: A Perfect Picnic Getaway

1. Is Ladhnna Dam suitable for a day trip?

Absolutely! Ladhnna Dam is perfect for a day trip, offering a serene environment for a peaceful picnic.

2. Are there any accommodations available near Ladhnna?

Currently, Ladhnna is more suitable for day picnics. However, nearby towns offer accommodation options for those looking to extend their stay.

3. What activities can be enjoyed at Ladhnna Dam?

While picnicking is the main attraction, visitors can also indulge in boating and nature walks around the Damodar River.

4. Is Ladhnna Dam safe for children?

Yes, Ladhnna Dam is a family-friendly spot. However, parents should keep a close eye on children, especially near the water.

5. Can I bring my own boat for boating at Ladhnna Dam?

Currently, the facilities provide rental boats for a delightful boating experience. Bringing personal boats may not be feasible.

In conclusion, Ladhnna Dam stands as a testament to the hidden gems that adorn our landscapes. Despite challenges, the spot’s allure remains undiminished, promising a rejuvenating experience for all who seek solace in nature’s embrace.

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