होम News Jharkhand State Council for Physiotherapy: Mandatory Registration for Practicing Physiotherapists

Jharkhand State Council for Physiotherapy: Mandatory Registration for Practicing Physiotherapists


A total of 28 physiotherapists were granted registration certificates by the Jharkhand State Council for Physiotherapy in a ceremony held on Tuesday. The establishment of the council was initiated through a notification (number 111(10)) issued by the Health, Medical, Education, and Family Welfare Department in the state on May 4, 2022. The council’s office is situated in Bariatu, near the RIMS Community Center within the RIMS Doctors Colony. To facilitate the registration process, the council offers both online and offline options.

The council’s website, www.jscpt.in, provides comprehensive information about the registration process, including the application procedure and the checklist for college registration. Interested applicants can find all the necessary details on the website. Additionally, individuals can visit the council’s office during working hours (excluding holidays) from Monday to Friday to obtain complete information.

After carefully verifying the original certificates of the applicants, a total of 28 physiotherapists were granted registration certificates based on the received applications. The council also requires all physiotherapy institutes in the state to register with the Jharkhand State Council for Physiotherapy annually. This step ensures that the people of Jharkhand receive proper physiotherapy treatment and improves the quality of physiotherapy education within the state, thereby eliminating the need for students to seek education outside the state.

Dr. Rajeev Ranjan serves as the council’s chairman, Dr. Abhay Kumar Pandey as the vice-chairman, and Dr. Ajit Kumar as the registrar cum secretary. The Jharkhand State Council of Physiotherapy will provide guidance to the government on all matters related to physiotherapy treatment, as well as the registration of physiotherapy doctors and physiotherapy colleges in the state. Furthermore, it will establish appropriate parameters and standards for the practice of physiotherapy. As per the regulations in Jharkhand, all physiotherapists must register with the council to practice or teach physiotherapy in hospitals, clinics, or physiotherapy colleges.

Dr. Ajit Kumar, the Registrar cum Member Secretary, highlighted that registration with the council is now mandatory for practicing physiotherapy across the state. Additionally, physiotherapy colleges must adhere to the council’s norms in conjunction with registration. To enforce compliance, a campaign will soon be launched to verify the registration certificates of physiotherapists working in both government and private hospitals throughout the state. Any individual found practicing without registration may face imprisonment, a fine, or both, as per the council’s provisions.

Dr. Abhay Kumar Pandey, the Vice President, expressed that the establishment of the council will help eliminate fraudulent physiotherapists and institutes within the state. This step will ensure that the 3.25 crore people of Jharkhand can benefit from proper physiotherapy treatment. On this auspicious occasion, Chairman Dr. Rajeev Ranjan extended his best wishes to all physiotherapists registered with the council, emphasizing the importance of serving patients with dedication and providing a positive impact on their lives.

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