होम Uncategorized Jharkhand Revolutionizes Agriculture with PM Drone Didi Program for Women Farmers

Jharkhand Revolutionizes Agriculture with PM Drone Didi Program for Women Farmers


Jharkhand is preparing to launch drone technology for crop management in a ground-breaking move that will revolutionise agriculture, with an emphasis on empowering women farmers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the initiative, known as the “PM Drone Didi” programme, at a virtual event that took place in New Delhi. Jharkhand Revolutionizes Agriculture

The launch was made more enthusiastic by the active participation of Arjun Munda, the local MP and Union Minister for Tribal Affairs, who was directly connected from Damadiri Archery Maidan in Kharsawan.Under this innovative plan, women affiliated with self-help groups (SHGs) will run the drones out of Prime Minister Mahila Kisan Drone Centres that will be set up at different locations. With the ability to perform tasks like spraying pesticides and fertilisers, conducting surveys, and even sowing seeds in fields, these unmanned aerial vehicles are expected to offer farmers cutting-edge and efficient farming solutions.

Speaking to the assembly, Arjun Munda referred to the programme with affection as “Namo Drone Didi” and emphasised its critical role in elevating women’s self-help groups. This programme easily fits in with the government’s larger plan to encourage the use of technology in agriculture, which will empower women and farmers alike. Drone integration into agricultural practises is a major step towards achieving development objectives and improving the lives of women affiliated with Self-Help Groups (SHGs).

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