होम News Jharkhand Government Issues Notices to 1500 Companies Enforcing 75% Privete Job...

Jharkhand Government Issues Notices to 1500 Companies Enforcing 75% Privete Job Reservation


The Jharkhand government has taken a major step to enforce the 75 percent reservation policy in private jobs by sending notices to about 1500 companies throughout the state. The notices also require the submission of annual reports and balance sheets, and they demand specific information about the number of employees and their domicile status. Businesses have been given 15 days to reply to the notice; failure to do so may result in legal action. The government has issued a strong warning, stating that licences and registrations for these companies may be revoked if the reservation policy is broken.

This comes after the assembly earlier this year passed the Jharkhand State Employment of Local Candidates Bill, 2021. The bill requires hiring in the private sector for positions paying up to Rs 30,000 per month to give preference to local candidates by 75 percent. The sectors and regions to which this reservation policy will apply are to be determined by the government, which retains this authority. Government estimates indicate that this reservation policy will help about 21 lakh local youth without jobs. According to officials, the policy is a calculated move to limit labour migration while promoting socioeconomic development within the state.

Nonetheless, some industry associations and experts have expressed opposition to this reservation policy. Opponents contend that it might make doing business more difficult and undermine the private sector’s ability to compete. Concerns have also been expressed regarding the state’s supply and calibre of skilled labour.

The implementation of the reservation policy by the Jharkhand government has sparked discussions about its possible effects on the business environment and the socio-economic fabric of the region as a whole. Keep checking back for more updates on this developing tale.

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